CCC Tree Planting

This video contains historic black-and-white video from vintage 16 mm films of the Civilian Conservation Corps planting trees.
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California’s richly diverse state parks give us all the chance to step back from our frenzied modern lives to refresh and restore ourselves in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Henry Coe State Park is one such park that offers a spectacular recreational playground for people of all ages. With its vast and rugged landscape stretching across 90000 acres, it is the second-largest state park in CA. A park so close to large metropolitan areas, one can escape to Henry Coe for horseback riding, mountain biking, exploring trails, hiking, connecting with nature and more. Henry Coe is one of 70 California state parks on the park closure list. Though it will be kept open for now with a temporary operating agreement, it and 69 other parks are threatened to be lost to Californians for good. To learn more about how you can help save California state parks like Henry Coe, visit This video is part of The Magnificent 70 project. See more at Produced by Doug McConnell and Convergence Media. Music by Jenny Lloyd.

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2 Responses to CCC Tree Planting

  1. audioguidesoutdoors says:

    A moving testament to the value´╗┐ of Coe and other state parks. Let’s come together and protect them!

  2. Umberto2 says:

    Jerry´╗┐ Brown is a moron on this issue. Sorry to say it, but his steadfast pig-headed view on cost cutting does not add up when viewing the state parks closure situation.