Cheaha State Park

Alabama’s highest point is located at Cheaha State Park.
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The big oak and pecan trees at Abilene State Park offer plenty of shade for visitors seeking a peaceful getaway. The park’s historic swimming pool, built in …

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9 Responses to Cheaha State Park

  1. whatisunknown says:

    Cheaha State Park is my Favorite place in the world. I have traveled all
    across Europe and nothing compares to Mt Cheaha. When I was in the
    military, I was in the middle east a couple of times, and that only made me
    love this place even more. I started going there when I was a child with my
    father, and my children love it too.

  2. kriptonite2012 says:

    An excellent presentation. A must visit for me and my family!

  3. Jessi Moon says:

    we played on the ACTUAL rock on bald rock and my step cousin scared
    everyone by getting way to close to the edge and started jumping…. hes 16.

  4. Daniel Parker says:

    I have visited this park many times over the years and will continue to do
    so as it is nearby and a great place to visit and “get back to nature.”
    This is a nicely done video.

  5. UFO000100 says:

    I’ve lived a few hours from here all my life and have never seen the park.
    That is going to change.

  6. judahblanks says:

    @whatisunknown Off to a good start i see I share your same opinion

  7. thomas unger says:


  8. mtselle says:

    a hidden gem; I grew up 20 miles from there and went there for the first
    time yesterday; a must revisit

  9. Texas Parks and Wildlife says:

    Join us for Abilene State Park’s 75th Anniversary celebration on SATURDAY
    OCT. 24, 2009. The days activities will run from noon till 4 p.m., followed
    by a stargazing party led by the Big Country Astronomy Club that night.