LA Park vs. Petey Williams

Who gave this one a license?

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41 Responses to LA Park vs. Petey Williams

  1. Darkys2X says:

    Adolfo Tapia ORIGINAL Park (a)

  2. FreakyB12 says:

    I know its already in the top comment but yea this crowd was dead

  3. MindCrushables says:

    That spot with the ref “winning” was brilliant!

  4. JustinCRAZYrohFanBRO says:

    this iz now one of my favourite matches so far, i love Lucha Libre USA

  5. JustinCRAZYrohFanBRO says:

    this iz now one of my favourite matches so far, i love Lucha Libre USA

  6. JustinCRAZYrohFanBRO says:

    this iz now one of my favourite matches so far, i love Lucha Libre USA

  7. StephensCamera says:

    Where can I find a La Parka action figure?

  8. PaperDestruction says:

    The crowd is dead as fuck.

  9. Darkys2X says:

    Wow Adolfo Tapia Original Parka!

  10. GurahkWeavile says:

    god, that’s so funny how the ref actually thinks he wins the match tehre. XDD

  11. sscool100 says:

    hell ya

  12. strang14 says:

    LA Park is such a memorable character through many promotions. Great to still see him around.

  13. sscool100 says:

    rather have Williams then jarrett

  14. HottRodd05 says:

    The sad thing between Williams and TNA is that Jarrett hates Williams which is y Petey got fired.

  15. chickinman187 says:

    I was just getting in to this show on MTV2. What happened? Always love seeing Petey! Glad to see him in action again. TNA should have brought him back, and with Evan Bourne in WWE, I’d like to see Petey there too! LA Park is always entertaining.

  16. xNARAxCRAZYA55x says:

    oh my LA Park….he should’ve go to DX that would be realy fun! thanks for the videa! awesome! love it!

  17. whisperintheevilwind says:

    Great match.. but Lizzy needs to learn to help out more then yelling “petey” or telling the fans to “shut up” its just agg.

  18. Simplyphenomenal07 says:

    love this show!! alternative wrestling styles! great wrestling too, this and wwe make my tv week lol

  19. satyran says:

    Good stuff, Fun match, just enough haha to make it fun, and a perfect hybrid styles match. Always great to see Park, seen him lots live and he’s one of my all time favorites. Loving these online matches while we wait for the show to get back on the air.

  20. Lk9766 says:

    XD Lachflash

  21. MrGrobar97 says:


  22. HITMANSTX says:

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  23. Christianislaker says:


  24. acmoc says:

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  25. dimitraptol says:

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  26. bibber123 says:

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  27. bibber123 says:

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  28. SzakalBWA says:

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  29. Mr999Magicman says:

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  30. ieatnouns says:

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  31. bobspm says:

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  32. alexadru93 says:

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  33. Matrixian21 says:

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  34. bibber123 says:

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  35. mrmekone says:

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  36. DLRtuning says:

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  37. OnlyTheBestHD says:

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  38. sadZpanda says:

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  39. SadAtLife says:

    In the end he says bitch lol

  40. darver3000 says:


  41. Duracelpupu says:

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